One of my biggest ….mmm….  ( faults? defects? disorders? issues? )

I am just one of those people who hates asking for help.  For the most part, I can pretty much figure out or learn how to do just about anything I set my little noggin to.
Except trig or algebra.

Much of this stems from never having enough money to pay a professional to do it right.
A HUGE part of it is the fact that about 90% of the time I have had to pay someone who is a so called pro to do something, they usually F-it up far worse than I could do.
Or they take FOREVER to do something that should take very little time.
Or they start something and do a little here a little there…. and it takes forever to finish.

Seriously…..have you ever hired a drywaller or a painter???


I do know recognize that there are sometimes where you simply have no choice.

Such is the case with the gas and electrical portion of this beast.