Ok so I put it all together.
Low and behold  — (I don’t know who the hell the guys are) the thing actually runs.

Fuel pickup is working and I can even drive it…..  Must have done something right.

At the gas station, putin in fuel is a royal pain.

Turns out that if the filler spout is at the same level as the tank inlet, then it back washes a bit.  So we have to raise it up a bit.  No biggie.

Next problem is that sharp 90 degree turn the hose takes.  Need to extend that.  No biggie.

But now the fricken gauge is STILL NOT moving.

40 litres of gas, and NUTHIN….  WTF???

I followed all the dang directions.  TO THE LETTER.

Oh well at least I know how much gas I put in.   Don’t know how much it burns, but I know where I started.

Leaving for a road trip tomorrow, guess it will have to wait till I get back.