Remember that when you are putting in the sending unit, that you want to place it so that it never catches or rubs on the sides.

I found that when tightening down the lock ring, the cap that contains the sending unit sometimes shifts around.

So the first thing you want to after you set it in place is to grab a marker, and mark the cap and the tank.

Sure you could use one of those bright yellow greasepaint markers you have 6 or 7 of because you grab one every time you are at the autoparts store that you have scattered around the garage…..

You can never find those anyway. And they are probably dried out cause you never put the lid back on…

But it seems you ALWAYS know where the wife keeps those fancy ass $10 calligraphy markers that she never uses but always tells you to NEVER touch….

And they always work, and never run out of ink, and seem to mark on ANY material.

Nah, I didn’t tell you to do that.

Any way….  make you mark !

20150919_171525 PoCo Inspired