This is what I managed to cobble together.
It’s not perfect.  It’s pretty redneck.  But it will work.

Here is a shot from underneath.

20150920_145823 PoCo Inspired

Would have been way better to have a 45 degree bend, but this is all that I could get.

I forgot to mention that I also went to 3 other places looking for the parts I wanted.
None of them carry anything.

Just in case you were wondering why I did not just go straight out….

On the left of the pic above, is where the factory filler hole on the truck is.
On the right is the factory ( on the tank ) filler hole.
Directly ( below ) the tank filler hole is the side of the truck, but it is actually the pocket for the sliding door.  So the truck’s factory hole is what need to be used.

Or so I thought.