I figured….no problem, this should be easy.
I can make/adapt a filler neck to fit from something simple like exhaust end pieces.
Or worse case, maybe a rad hose, or something like that.

So I head down to the auto parts store  …..

Well, I guess it USED to be an auto parts store.
Because they had sweet diddley fick for exhaust pieces.
What happened??
I used to be able to come here, buy a muffler, clamps, hangers, and all the pieces, adapters, bends, and connectors.   Hell I could pretty much put together a complete exhaust system from off the shelf parts.

Oh no sir, we don’t carry that stuff any longer, just whats left over from old stock in this piddly little tiny area.

But they will gladly sell me a fridge stove washer and dryer….
And a new TV. And a bike, and cat liter, and patio furniture….

And this fricken thing …

20150920_140531 PoCo Inspired


Because it’s just WAY too complicated to figure out how to play fricken beer pong on my own.  I need a bloody pre fab kit???!!!

In the end I was able to find ONE reducer that would work, and then a rubber 90 degree bend with steel straps that will fit.

PRAYING that gas doesn’t hurt the rubber.   aaaa  it doesn’t need to last a lifetime.