The main pic is of the finished set up.

I had first thought that I could use the plastic parts ( shown back in the Up Periscope) as is and ad an aluminum tube for the pickup.

That idea did not pan out. I needed the tube to be more flexible to allow everything to fit in this hole in the tank.

I ended up trimming that tube and attaching a length of fuel line to it.
It was a little soft though. I didn’t want to risk it moving around too much.
So to stiffen it, I wrapped a length of hose around it, and clamped it at the top of the tube.

20150919_171549 PoCo Inspired

It gave it a slight curve, but was still flexible enough to manipulate.

The filter at the bottom of the pickup was pressure washer chemical suction line.

It’s meant for chemicals and detergents, so I hope it doesn’t dissolve in gas.