The first thing that had to go were those wheels and tires.
It wasn’t just the color, I’m sure that they must have pretty close to original equipment.
2 piece wheels ( split rims ) and bias ply tires.

wheels PoCo Inspired

I have never had split rims before, but I was warned that they can pretty scary.

Check this videos of what can happen.


The guy I bought it from cautioned me about taking it out on the highway because the king pins were starting to get worn.  He said it can get a little bit wishy washy.
Turns out it was just the tires.

I picked up a set of regular steel rims and a set of 10 ply radial tires and put them on.

I found grease nipples on all the ball joints and even on the u-joints. Heck even the hanger bearing looked like it had been done recently.  Anyhoo, I proceeded to give everything a good greasing while I was under there.

I took it out, and Lo and Behold….   What a difference.
This thing handled great !!
Especially considering it was a BIG PIG, 70’s delivery truck loaded down with thousands of pounds of equipment.  ( and NON power steering )

Even took it out on the highway, and NO PROBLEM !  Other than the fact that it’s only a 3 speed transmission.  ( can’t go TOO fast )

But it handled just fine thank you.